Paver Patios in College Park, Maryland

Paver Patios in College Park, Maryland

Brothers Designs is the perfect company to call when you need paver patios in College Park, Maryland.

Paver patios have a place in many people’s homes. They provide the perfect setting for hosting get-togethers with family and friends, and you can potentially raise your home’s monetary value if you build a patio beforehand. They also give your home more outdoor living space. Given how advantageous it can be to build paver patios in College Park, Maryland, you’ll want to find a company that can build your patio to your liking. Brothers Designs is the perfect company to call when you need paver patios in College Park, Maryland. When you contact our company, we can give you a free estimate for the next project you do with our team.

Residential Paver Patio Installations in College Park, Maryland

At Brothers Designs, our experienced employees create paver patios that offer as much aesthetic appeal as sophistication. We want all of our patios to be strong and long-lasting.

You can get paver patios from us that are made from both concrete and natural stone, and these patios are available in a wide spectrum of textures, sizes, styles, and colors. This way, you have the opportunity to design a patio that fits perfectly with the image you want for your home.

Concrete Paver Patios

Perhaps there’s a grillmaster around the house. Maybe you have a fire pit or fireplace that’s already built outside (or you’re planning to build one). In these kinds of scenarios, concrete paver patios can be perfect for your home. Concrete patios have resistance against the sun’s UV rays, and they have temperature resistance, keeping the patio at a constant temperature more easily. This makes concrete paver patios more comfortable to use. Concrete patios are also non-combustible, which makes them safer. This is especially important for any aforementioned fireplaces, fire pits, and grills you may have in the nearby vicinity.

Natural Stone Paver Patios

Natural stone paver patios are for homeowners who want to create a unique design for the patio they build. They are perfect for people who want to get creative with patio design and put their own unique visions into their yards. Like other patios, ones that are made from natural stone can raise your home’s value, meaning you can make returns on the initial investment that you make.

Another reason to like stone patios is that stone remains cool, even when temperatures climb. If you live in a warmer climate, consider building a stone patio so you can walk on it more comfortably throughout the year. These patios even come with spill resistance, so any messes that get made won’t be as concerning for you.

Areas We Serve

Are you interested in the services at Brothers Designs, but you don’t live around College Park, Maryland? No need to worry, as our staff caters to other areas within the state of Maryland. Among the areas we serve are the following:

Other Services Brothers Designs Provides in College Park, Maryland

Maybe you aren’t looking to get a paver patio installed. Perhaps you’re looking to improve your landscape in other ways. Fortunately, Brothers Designs offers to build plenty of other landscape features, including:

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