Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor KitchenWhen the weather is excellent, and the sun is shining, the last thing you want is to be trapped cooking in an indoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens provide a practical and stylish solution to that problem. With various outdoor cooking options, you can be sure to be outside and prepare delicious meals for yourself and your guests. Brothers Designs can make your culinary dreams a reality regardless of your favorite cooking meal or style. Do you need a professional to assist with your outdoor kitchen project? Contact us now for a free estimate!

Areas We Serve

Create the ideal outdoor kitchen with help from Brothers Designs. We proudly serve Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland, and surrounding communities, including:

  • Silver Spring, MD
  • Olney, MD
  • Rockville, MD
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Potomac, MD
  • Colesville, MD
  • Bethesda, MD

Residential Outdoor Kitchen Features

Outdoor kitchens are becoming popular as homeowners seek to expand their living space and create functional, enjoyable outdoor areas. These kitchens are usually equipped with amenities and appliances similar to indoor kitchens that are built to withstand exterior conditions. Consider the following critical features for outdoor kitchens:


An outdoor kitchen layout should be carefully planned to maximize space and functionality. Consider factors like the traffic flow, proximity to the indoor kitchen, and the placement of utilities such as water and electricity. Maximize the overall outdoor dining experience with bar stools, an outdoor dining table, or a lounge area with comfortable seating.


Outdoor kitchens require durable materials that can handle exposure to the elements. These standard materials may include cabinets, countertops, and flooring (stone, stainless steel, concrete, and weather-resistant wood). Based on your climate and preferences, consider adding a pergola, canopy, or roof to provide shade and protection from rain to extend the usability of your outdoor kitchen.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is critical for outdoor kitchens, mainly when using smokers or gas grills. So, install an exhaust fan or ventilation hood to eliminate smoke, grease, and odors from the cooking area.

Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is vital for safety and functionality. Incorporate task lighting over cooking areas, accent lighting to highlight landscaping or ambient lighting for socializing areas.


If your outdoor living space is not ideal for an outdoor kitchen, you are not alone. Space constraints are the primary concern among homeowners. The good news is that your dream outdoor kitchen is possible. Drawers, cabinets, and shelving can keep your outdoor kitchen organized and working correctly.

Outdoor Kitchen Islands for Your Home

Outdoor kitchen islands can comprise various features depending on your needs. The simplest kitchen islands have a cabinet or drawer storage below a wide countertop with a built-in grill. Brothers Designs can custom-build these islands to fit specific spaces and needs. We can enhance your outdoor living experience today!

Outdoor Kitchens You Will Love

With a focus on innovation, quality, and design, Brothers Designs ensures you don’t just grill; you create memorable experiences. Don’t settle for the ordinary and elevate your outdoor dining game for your backyard. We service Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and surrounding communities. Questions about our other services? Call Brothers Designs at 240-701-4502 or email us at info@brothersdesignsllc.com to learn more.