Paver Patios in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Paver Patios in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Brothers Designs has been installing paver patios around Gaithersburg, Maryland for many years.

Paver patios can be fantastic additions to people’s homes throughout Gaithersburg, Maryland. There are many purposes that a patio can serve. It can be a hangout spot for relaxing after a long and stressful day. It could be used to host gatherings with friends and family. You can even use a patio to raise the property value of your house.

Whatever use you may have for a paver patio, there will always be one question: which company do you trust with the installation project? Fortunately, Brothers Designs is ready to answer the call. Brothers Designs has been installing paver patios around Gaithersburg, Maryland for many years. Call us today, and we can give you a free estimate for your next project.

Residential Paver Patio Installations in Gaithersburg, Maryland

When we construct paver patios for our Gaithersburg, Maryland clients, there are many considerations that we make. We strive to provide our clients with patios that are durable and sturdy while still providing all of the functions that you’d like it to serve.

We build our paver patios both from concrete as well as natural stone, so take some time to determine which patio material is right for you. All of our patios come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and textures, allowing you to end up with a patio that’s truly unique.

Concrete Paver Patios

Do you have a fireplace or fire pit outside? Perhaps you enjoy doing backyard barbecues? If you like to engage in these types of activities, then we recommend getting a concrete paver patio from our team.

Concrete is non-combustible, making concrete patios perfect for anyone working with fire in their backyard. These patios also come with temperature resistance so that your patio is always at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the time of year.

Natural Stone Paver Patios

Perhaps you’re not looking to install a concrete patio. If so, then you could also think about getting one built from natural stone. Natural stone patios will always have a unique appearance, so you can have a patio unlike anyone else’s. They’re great for raising property value, meaning these patios are fantastic financial investments too.

We think you should consider stone paver patios if you live in a warmer location. Stone is a material that stays fairly cool, even when temperatures go up.

Areas We Serve

Do you not live around Gaithersburg, Maryland? If you don’t, worry not because Brothers Designs serves many other locations around the state of Maryland. Some of these locations include:

Other Services Brothers Designs Provides in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Perhaps you’re not interested in getting a paver patio installation. If you’re not looking to get a new patio, but you’re interested in other landscaping projects, Brothers Designs may have the services for you. We install other kinds of landscape features as well, which include:

For Paver Patios, Call on Brothers Designs

Brothers Designs has been modernizing people’s homes for over 30 years! We specialize in landscaping design, build, and maintenance solutions that encompass a wide spectrum of landscape features, such as patios, decks, and landscape lights. Call our team today to get a free estimate, and see how we can be of service to you.